Our vision, values and aims underpin our approach and reflect the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators – Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Responsible, Respected and Included.  This ensures that the holistic needs of the child are being considered and that we are Getting it Right for Every Child (GIRFEC).

Dare to dream, work to achieve!

Dare to dream, work to achieve!

At Stirches, our vision is that our children, staff, parents and community to work together to create a positive, safe and stimulating learning environment. We provide all our children with high quality learning and teaching experiences to enable them to shine and reach their full potential. We give them opportunity to develop their skills for learning and for life, helping develop the four capacities.


Our Values guide the way we work and set the ethos of the school. Together we will…

  • Value diversity and equality

  • All feel safe, supported and included

  • Learn skills for life and work

  • Understand the strengths and needs of each other

  • Encourage positive, respectful relationships and have high expectations of all

  • Support each other to develop our strengths, interests and aspirations


Our Vision is embodied in our school aims…

  • All learners will be supported in achieving to their highest level across the curriculumI

  • Individual needs will be identified and met

  • Maintain a safe and nurturing environment, considering everyone’s health & wellbeing

  • Successes are recognised, shared and celebrated