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Stirches Parent Council - SPC

We have a fantastic and committed Parent School Partnership (SPC) committee that meets regularly, who do great work to support the school. All parents are invited to join the school Parent Council who play an important role by supporting the school in its activities as well as advising and representing parents who have children at the school.


If parents have a general concern, they should contact a Parent Council Member (Matters of a personal and private concern should, of course, be raised with the Head teacher).


Due to all their hard work and fundraising events we are able to offer our children a range of opportunities. The SPC are always looking for new members to join them. If you would like to find out what they do, or if you would like to join, let us know - it would be great to have you on-board.


A copy of the Parent Council Constitution is available from the school office. Currently, the office bearers are:

• Chairperson: Laura Crozier
• Secretary: Jan Grieve
• Treasurer: Morven Brown

Contact details can be obtained from the School Office.

Partnerships with Parents


At Stirches we strive to develop good relationships with parents through a joined up approach. This relates to the ‘Curriculum for Excellence,’ Learners benefit when practitioners develop positive partnerships with parents and families by involving them in decisions affecting their children's education and learning (CfE).


Supporting your child’s learning - Your child’s class teacher will give you information on how you can support your child; this may include guidance on homework or other activities to do at home to reinforce their learning. Homework helps the children take ownership of their learning and promotes independence. It is a beneficial way of reinforcing learning that has taken place in school. It will increase in quantity as your child progresses through the school. We are hoping to review our Homework Policy in the next session. A Homework Club operates as the need arises.

Supporting the school – We rely on parents to support us in many ways whether this is through helping on school outings or through supporting the children’s learning. Let us know if you would like to help. A disclosure check is required for those helping on a regular basis.

Open Door Policy - You are welcome to visit the school at any time, although prior warning will ensure that the school is ready to receive you. When teachers are teaching children it is not the best time to discuss matters with them and discussions should be arranged outside class teaching time. On visiting the school, parents should report to the school office first.

Reporting to Parents- An open evening in September provides an opportunity for the parents to meet their child’s teacher and for your child to show you their new classroom. In February/March parents are invited to sit down with the teacher to discuss their child’s progress, achievement and future learning. If you would like to discuss your child’s progress at other times, contact the school to make an appointment.

P1 Parent Information Meetings: In June and August information meetings are held for P1 parents. The purpose is to give information about the school, outline our reading and phonics programmes and give parents information of how they can support their child with their learning.

Progress Report- You will receive a comprehensive progress report in May each year. This will give you information on how your child is progressing across the curriculum as well as general information on their attitude and effort related to their learning.

Learning Journeys – The Learning Journeys are a working document to keep parents informed of the learning for the upcoming block, information on your child’s attainment, and a way for children to take ownership of their learning through target setting and reflection. There is also the opportunity for the parents to comment on their child’s learning. The children will set new targets at the start of each block and reflect upon them at the end. The Learning Journeys come home at the end of each block for you to share with your child. We feel that these are important in displaying the child’s journey through their learning and we allocate class time to the review of these, as this allows the children to have quality reflective time with their class teacher.

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